Custom Sandcarved (Deeply Etched ) Glass Art

Sandcarving art is a deeply etched artistic and unique way to appreciate pictures. We know that uniqueness makes evrything even more special.  We work with you to make your piece of art special to you. You provide us with a picture or a basis to start with and we will work on the design to get it ready for the process. 
The process is multistage, where the art is blasted in various depths to bring out the structure of the work. Each step of the process is handled by an artisian, from the original artwork to making the pedastel bases or frames. 
The setup process is fully custom allowing you to pick glass size, frame or pedastel type and color, to the lighting. Each piece is notaded by the artisian, comes with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) , and you are involved in the entire process.
Remember it is up to you, what ever makes you happy, or if your looking for a unique gift for someone, or want to honor or remember a special day we can work with you to make your thoughts and personality come out. 

Why is Sandcarving Unique?

Sandcarving and glass engraving are similiar in the way that they cut glass in order to bring out the depth and the shading of pictures. Engraving, much like whaen you have a piece of jewelery engraved, uses a hand tool with various bits to cut into the class, shade area and even buff out areas. 
Sandcarving uses various media (sand) under pressure to blast the glass away. The longer the blast the deeper the cut. 
Although both engraving and sandcarving can be automatized, we along with many other artist believe in creating our work by hand. It brings a spirit and a self satisfaction to the work. Thats what makes even more special.
Everything we do is handmade by artisians!

Lasering vs Sandcarving

As we discussed sandcarving cuts deep into the glass, using various depths to bring out the various highlights of the picture. It creates a artistic finish of depth. 
Sandcarving is an eternal lasting feature or at least till the glass reverts back to the sand pile it was made from.
I am sure that yo have seen many items that have been what they call laser etched. Laser uses the auromated use of a laser machine. The picture, photo, or lettering is designed in the program and the machine does the rest.  Lasering is not long lasting and will start to fade overtime. Also much of the material used is acrylic (a thermo plastic) which may also contribute to the fading.


Everything is handmade and custom based on your selections. Glass size, frame type, lights,and diffuculty of the project. We look at each project and fairly price it to keep it economical. 
We will work with you to keep you within your budget while meeting your needs. We as a company hope that by ordering a unique piece that the value will only grow over time.

Note: Although the majority of our items are unique to each customer, we may from time to time produce items for sale that are produced inmass for sale to organizations and retailers. These items do not have any appearance of uniqueness, contain  nor do they come with a COA and are not marked by the artist.


Each frame is made to order based on preference of style, and finish. You can select wood preference, color and style of finish. You can also have a dedication, quote or saying placed on it.
The fallen tree bases are from trees that have fallen due to mother nature or others trimmed or cut down for urban sprawl. We work to give new life to these trees by using them to help complete a story.

Full Picture style Frame - Fully Lighted

Fallen Tree Irregular Rectangler- Bottom Lights


Fallen Tree Round - Bottom lights

Bottom Midlight (glass) Base - Bottom Lights

Ready to get started on something special..

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That Special Piece

Want something unique for a special memory, special occasion, for a distinctive gift, or for your own personal motivation or individual decor? Contact us and we will work with you, discuss your needs and help you with getting that spoecial item that you are looking for.

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Your Tree Of Life

Now you can enlighten your home with a unique tree of life on a lighted base. And uniquely we place this on a lighted base made from a tree that has fallen (due to mother nature) and by doing this we are giving that tree or parts of that tree a new life. 

These deeply sand carved trees are each unique, contains a COA and is noted by the artist 

Each order is handmade by an artisan specifically for you.

We will help you design your own, one of a kind, tree of life.  

Bring that connection to the heavens,sustanation, unity and growth to your life today.

Common Sizes & Material

The following is a list of commonly used selections but remember if you have a different size or idea just let us know.

Glass – most glass used is 1/4″ thick with common Sizes of:

4×4  4×6  4×8
5×5   5×7  5×9
6×8  6×10 6×12
8×10 8×12
10×12  12×12 12×14

Lights – We use LED light strips with USB end.

Plain White
Multi Color with remote
USB Plug
Battery Pack

Frames – frames are either base frames or full picture frames and are built to size.
Frames are available in Pine, oak, Mahogany, Maple.
We also have fallen tree pieces (mostly Pine) where we nake rectangular and round bases.