Making Your Patio Special

Your patio is your sanctuary, your entertainment area, your hobby place, or anything that you want it to be. But the one thing that we know is that it has to be special. Unique, stylish and comfortable decor is the key. 
All our products come with a choice of wood and finish to better match your needs.

Outdoor Wood Choices


  • Pressure-treated pine will last many years outdoors
  • Low cost
  • Attractive yellow shades with pale cream mixed in
  • Strong softwood that will resist wear
  • Looks attractive stained or left unfinished


  • Naturally resists rot and decay
  • Higher Janka rating
  • Rustic look can limit it
  • Lovely shades of red with cream mixed in
  • Requires more maintenance
  • Considered a strong softwood, but can dent easily—(however, this adds to its rustic nature!)
  • Costs more


    • Durability
      Teak is one of the strongest and most durable hardwoods. It performs well when exposed to weather conditions such as rain and sun

    • Versatility
      It can also be left natural, painted, stained, waxed or varnished



    • Resistance to rotting, termites and acids.
      The abundant natural oils repel unwanted insects and moisture from damaging the integrity of the timber.
    • Maintenance

      Teak outdoor furniture requires little maintenance even if left uncovered outdoors. Teak left to naturally weather will transform over time to a beautiful silvery grey and will just require a general brush down and clean.

    • Natural beauty

      Teak is a naturally beautiful timber with its tight, typically straight, grain and varying textures. The golden brown colour tones of freshly cut timber appeal to many. Its ability to naturally age well and the patina is a testament to its high quality and durability