The Broom Tree

Hi, I put a couple of items together for you to look at. 
As part of the program you will get your own dedicated mini web site and order code for customers to use. Each order will contain that information and provide the client the ability to place an order on that site, they can pick vessel, color, and fragranc for pick up or delivery and you will earn your margins. That includes items that you list on there and other items we offer. You will have the option for whats included and we will discuss further in depth.
There are other perks that I am developing that i will be introducing so that we can grow together.

Below you will find a few options that I put together, based on the conversation we had.

You can view other available vessels here
Color options here
Fragrance Selections here

Each candle order i do, i perform a burn test to make sure that the candles function properly. Each candle is handmade through each step. All material is locally sourced, if possible.
Customers can select every option for custom made candles and even have the glass deeply etched. Once they are finished enjoying the candle they can simply soak the glass in soapy water and reuse the vessel for storage.

8oz candle jar

Best Seller
8 oz Glass Jar
Can be repurposed for storage

Pick Color and Fragrance


Retails for $19 – $25

12 OZ Canning Jar with Silver Lid
Can be repurposed for for Food Storage

Pick Color and Fragrance


Retails for $22 – $26.00


!0 oz High Performance Jar wit Cork Top
Can be repurposed for storage

Pick Color and Fragrance


Retails for $20 – $26.00

8 oz Mazon Jar
Can be repurposed for storage 

Pick Color and Fragrance


Retails for $19 – $25

9 oz Tumbler
Can be repurposed as a drinking glass

Pick Color and Fragrance


Retails for $25 – $30

Many people use candles for spiritual, and motivational purposes. That is why it is a great idea to offer them the option for etching so they can see their special message everyday.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or changes just just let me know.



Thank You